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Business Storytelling Is More Than “Once upon a time…”

We’ve discussed the importance of telling your audience a story to engage more of their consciousness.  And, we’ve looked at how an effective story will transfer and become the story of the listener which in turn creates “replay” and advocacy.  “Great!” You might say,...

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A Brand Advocate is the Crust to Your Revenue Pie

On a recent trip to London for a babymoon, my wife and I experienced both the hellacious and the perfect of brand experiences. You know how it is; you have a long flight to Heathrow, and all you want to do is relax in your hotel room, so we made our way to our hotel...

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The Secret Decoder Ring of Social Media Marketing

We may hear the words “secret decoder ring” and chuckle, yet many of us view social media marketing as some sort of encrypted medium.  Sure, we may be avid users of a variety of platforms to maintain friendships. When it comes to a business using social platforms,...

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RightHire – Your Questions Answered

As many of you know, we are regularly posting video answers to your questions from the RightHire video series. This is a little longer post, so we decided to do it as a "Vlog" this time.   As always, if you are interested in viewing the video series, you can find the...

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The Tornado Manager

The movie Sharknado (and believe it or not, its three sequels, with a rumored fourth in 2017) has been an unbelievable small screen success. With cameo appearances by many famous and infamous people, there is undoubtedly an element of humor in the idea of a tornado...

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It’s Not Just “Common Courtesy.”

My mum's Canadian. Growing up, I didn't think I was being raised any different than the next Southern Californian kid, except when I got teased for pronouncing the word "been" like the lentil. But, the older I got, the more I started to realize that our family was...

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Humility in a World of Confidence

We trust those with whom we connect.   We connect with those whom we can “just be ourselves.”   We connect with those who show vulnerability and with whom we can do the same.   So why can this so challenging in the business world?   In our world, and especially in...

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Listen (Cautiously) to Your Gut

"No way! My gut instinct is the ultimate truth serum.”   Are you a business owner? Do you conduct interviews? Does the decision to hire rest in your hands? Before you slurp down that serum...   Caution? Why?   Not only are you hiring to benefit your company and your...

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4 Ways to “Millennial Proof” your Brand

Does entitlement come to mind when thinking about Millennials? Strike that word from your perspective because powerful should be the adjective that best describes them.   Why?   Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation,...

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