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The Science of Advocacy

Creating the Modern Leader

Strategies for organizational leadership and leadership development have been largely unchanged for the last 40 years. The “Big Data” revolution of this century has added a layer of insight to management that has improved results, but often at the cost of the human element.

At the same time, recent discoveries in Neuroscience have given us unique insight into human decision-making and emotional intelligence.

At RightMind, we believe that these scientific findings, paired with data insights give us the ability create a better approach to leadership than our predecessors could have ever imagined.

Our results prove this out.

We believe that our clients want to know more about us than just the products and services. We have created the video below to give you some insight into the people that you’ll be working with.

Your Advocacy Experts

At the age of 19 Dominic obtained his Series 7 brokerage license. That step launched a successful career in banking and investments, and just a few years later he was managing a 65-million-dollar Citibank office. Before he turned 30, he was directing large teams of salespeople throughout Southern California for Paychex, a Fortune 500 company.

While at a software company in Irvine, California, Dominic helped build their sales organization from a small local team of 5 to 55 with offices in four countries. This rapid growth led to a sale of the company for more than $500 million.

Through these experiences, Dominic realized that these companies have processes and strategies that didn’t exist in the lifeblood of the global economy—the small businesses. For these reasons, Dominic founded RightMind Inc, a business committed to helping companies, large and small, achieve and surpass the goals with which they were founded.

Lakeshia Ekeigwe is an international coach and consultant who facilitates deeply transformative coaching experiences for corporations, major non-profit organizations, universities, municipalities, judges, lawyers and law firms, based on the principles of emotional intelligence, professional and personal development, and self-awareness. Lakeshia holds certifications in Leadership Development Coaching; Mediation and Conflict Resolution; and Life & Business Coaching.

The Modern Leader Journey

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