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People love to buy, but…

I have never been a big fan of sales training. That probably seems like an odd thing to say as a person who makes a living conducting sales training! The reality is that most sales training sessions happen towards the end of the week, to minimize the impact in the field, then the weekend comes along, and by Monday morning, the attendees go back to doing what they’ve always done. This scenario is a colossal waste of time and money.
That said, I believe training is vital. I set out to create a course that closes that contradiction. We call it The Science of Advocacy.

What you can expect

We have training packages that vary from single-day sessions to three-month training programs. All of these programs are designed to improve the results of your leadership, sales, marketing, and customer service teams. We tailor the training to fit your needs and then stay involved with you to make sure that these programs don’t become another forgotten lesson.

New Hire Training

Have new salespeople but no time to train? We can do it for you.

Leadership Training

Looking to improve your leadership team performance? Our training teaches your leaders to build and retain high-performance teams.

Sales Training

Sales training programs that don’t die on the Monday after training.

Marketing Training

We teach your marketing and sales teams to operate as a unified group behind a powerful message.



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