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Welcome to our Business Tip Mashup page! To help you grow your business, we will be posting cool content of short blogs and videos. Some of this info will be our creation; other items will be from respected business advisors with whom we’ve had the pleasure of interacting. The goal is to give you bite-sized support that will generate a positive impact!


“Open Range—Loose Stock” isn’t just a cattle ranching idea.  Listen to how it makes sense in your business.
On paper do you have an enviable position?  If everything’s “technically good,” why are you feeling uninspired?  Is it time to make a career change?
Your brain on storytelling, more lit up than a cheap carnival on a hot summer’s night!

Watch this Vlog on the intriguing subject of why storytelling vanquishes the dry toast of facts every time!

Owning a business can be challenging. If we are experiencing challenges, it might be time to evaluate if we have hit the “whitewater” phase.

I Don’t Consider Myself a Micro-Manager

Why would you?  No one likes to think of themselves as such.  Yet, for various reasons including deadlines and underperformance, we can inadvertently jump into such a role.  Here’s a few diagnostic questions:

  1. Am I busy when those under me are not so much?
  2. Does my stress level rise proportionally when have to take on more responsibilities?
  3. When I assign a project, do I have to outline each step, or do I outline the end result, set a few milestones, and allow some initiative to be shown?
  4. How often do I ask for updates?
  5. Do I see a high level of morale on my team, or do they seem frustrated?

Jumping in and doing someone else’s job rarely leads to contentment or comradery.  Advance planning, communicating openly, discerning team members abilities, and setting realistic milestones and goals can reduce this tendency.  Limiting your instincts to take over may initially result in some disappointment, but in the long term, your stress level will reduce and your team should rise to the challenges.

Is there a formula for being a great leader? Actually, you already know it.
Anticipate the storms, and align the crew beforehand.

Building Brand Awareness —Not a Waste of Time or Money

Are you like many small business owners and think your branding and its awareness have no effect on revenue? If so, then more than likely your business is stagnant, with no new leads and no growth in sight.  Here is a little test to illustrate how important it is to establish your brand early on, know your customer, and use social media which, by the way, is free!

Can you guess which one of these brands, Apple or Microsoft, spent over $15B (2.7% of revenue) in 2015 on advertising and marketing?

Did you connect Apple with $15 billion? Everyone knows Apple’s logo, the sleekly-designed computers people love to use in public, the millions of iPhones taking up space in pockets across the globe, and the watches that allow those phones to be kept in pockets. Even when the computer logo is concealed on TV shows, we still know it’s an Apple. Apple has created the ultimate brand advocates, right? So they definitely spent $15B…right?

Well, no. The answer is Microsoft. They spent over $15B while Apple had to spend only $1.8B in 2015. Surprised?

If your organization can spend a billion dollars on advertising and marketing, it’s doing just fine. However, most small businesses still don’t believe how important their brand and branding can be to their bottom line. When you let your customers or advocates advertise for you, like Apple has done, your organization will not only spend less on advertising and marketing, but they will also reap more profits.  

Insurmountable odds can be erased with your loyalty and value.
We know our employees are a valuable resource. But, the relationships between those employees are what propels our growth!
Are you listening, or are you just hearing? The answer to that question has a tremendous impact on your success.

Great goal maker but hit-and-miss on the achievement side?

Having a structured and repeatable process from start to finish helps to ensure innovation is not only successful, it is repeatable and sustainable.

–Robert Brands, HuffPost blog

Commendation—simple investment, big results!

What can a queen bee teach us about leadership?

Those who say you can’t scale a business based on referrals are wrong. It is possible, but it’s more than just asking a client to suggest who else might need your services.

Listen, validate, and they will advocate
Listen, validate, and they will advocate
Self-examination–the path to relevance.
Can you have just a moment of your time?

A Complaint Is a Gift

Book by Janelle Barlow and Claus Møller

Oil the culture for higher performance.

Punctuality and reputation

“Fear is a reaction.  Courage is a decision.”—Winston Churchill

Continue on the path of personal growth and development.

Staying current is a key part of remaining relevant

Your attitude is your best sales asset.

The end of the month is CRUNCH time, especially in Sales.

Fail to have a hiring process, and you will make bad hires.

Have you achieved your goals but looking to finish strong?

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