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Welcome to our Business Tip Mashup page! To help you grow your business, we will be posting cool content of short blogs and videos. Some of this info will be our creation; other items will be from respected business advisors with whom we’ve had the pleasure of interacting. The goal is to give you bite-sized support that will generate a positive impact!


“Open Range—Loose Stock” isn’t just a cattle ranching idea.  Listen to how it makes sense in your business.
On paper do you have an enviable position?  If everything’s “technically good,” why are you feeling uninspired?  Is it time to make a career change?
Your brain on storytelling, more lit up than a cheap carnival on a hot summer’s night!

Watch this Vlog on the intriguing subject of why storytelling vanquishes the dry toast of facts every time!

Owning a business can be challenging. If we are experiencing challenges, it might be time to evaluate if we have hit the “whitewater” phase.

I Don’t Consider Myself a Micro-Manager

Why would you?  No one likes to think of themselves as such.  Yet, for various reasons including deadlines and underperformance, we can inadvertently jump into such a role.  Here’s a few diagnostic questions:

  1. Am I busy when those under me are not so much?
  2. Does my stress level rise proportionally when have to take on more responsibilities?
  3. When I assign a project, do I have to outline each step, or do I outline the end result, set a few milestones, and allow some initiative to be shown?
  4. How often do I ask for updates?
  5. Do I see a high level of morale on my team, or do they seem frustrated?

Jumping in and doing someone else’s job rarely leads to contentment or comradery.  Advance planning, communicating openly, discerning team members abilities, and setting realistic milestones and goals can reduce this tendency.  Limiting your instincts to take over may initially result in some disappointment, but in the long term, your stress level will reduce and your team should rise to the challenges.

Is there a formula for being a great leader? Actually, you already know it.