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iPRO Solutions

Facing reputational issues from the prior ownership, and realizing that the name and logo did not appropriately represent the brand, RightMind was engaged to create a new logo and name for this growing software company in Australia.

As we progressed with the rebrand project, RightMind was also tasked with refreshing the existing iPro sales literature and providing outsourced sales leadership to their global team.

Name Creation
Phase 1 Goal: Create a name captuing the organization’s service to customers; a sustainable, live & dynamic, validation of data.
Phase 2 Goal: Position Zoetik as the only provider of end-to-end live data from the supplier through to employees.
Brand Promise
Phase 3 Goal: Create and communicate the brand promise of Zoetik
Brand Icon
Phase 4 Goal: Create an identity that visually represents what Zoetik does for its customers: providing end-to-end live data from supplier through to  employees.
The “Z” is surrounded with bi-directional flow of data processing for compliance which demonstarates clients and their supply chains working together.