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Located in Tustin, California VITESSE Recruiting & Staffing has a rich 18 year history. While the business experienced consistent growth, this increase was historically fueled by referrals and word of mouth. RightMind was brought in to help create a strategy for new client acquisition and to accelerate the achievement of their growth goals.

To achieve this aggressive goals, we looked to refresh the brand identity, modernize the website, provide updated marketing materials, and identify, interview, and hire a new salesperson.

Brand Refresh
The VITESSE logo and brand colors had not been updated since its inception. The logo had been designed to convey the idea of checking the box and saving money. These concepts no longer represented the brand and the needs of their customers. RightMind helped to develop a logo that represented speed and constant progress in keeping with the company strengths. To make this logo optimized for a broad range of applications, we designed it to have a standalone logo, without the brand name, which still represented the core differentiators of the brand.
After designing the logo, the need to update and refresh the website became apparent. The site has a high level of functionality for candidates in this staffing and recruiting business. The goal of the new design was to maintain this functionality while optimizing the site for its primary purpose of attracting new customers.
The VITESSE Recruiting & Staffing story is strong, but this narrative was not well conveyed in the marketing materials. Adopting a “less is more” approach, we simplified both the written and visual elements of the marketing materials. This enabled us to create pieces tailored to individual prospect needs rather than have a one size fits all comprehensive document.
Marketing Collateral