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You’re ready for a comprehensive three-part training that aligns your sales and marketing team behind a powerful narrative. This is team training that doesn’t just die after the class is over.

What You Get


Your sales and marketing teams will have a unified strategy for client acquisition


Your sales team and marketing team will understand the overall process for new client acquisition and have a tailored roadmap for each group


Your team will have insight into the science behind buyer behavior and how to put that into action for your business


Who it's for

  • I have some sales reps and and a small marketing team


  • I want some team training that my people can apply in the long-term


  • I want RightMind to teach me their proven strategy

Who it's NOT for

  • I want some team training, but we will probably just keep doing what we’ve been doing


  • My team struggles to complete pre-work


  • I am not willing to pull my team out of the field for training

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The RightTraining Details

RightAssessment Leadership Team Session


Buyer Journey Sales & Marketing Strategy


One Year Custom Training Portal


Edited Videos of Each Training


Science of Advocacy Training


Don't Skip Steps - Sales Process Training


Classroom Certificates & Online Certification


Bespoke Training Materials

Total Value




Or 3 Paymentts of $5,797