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The cobbler’s children have no shoes

As a marketing expert, you know how to generate leads and the resulting large amounts of revenue for your clients. The challenge can be doing the same thing for your own business. Sometimes our clients don’t understand marketing concepts, or a lousy agency has burned them, or they have a friend who can do it!

Sometimes our clients just don’t  “get it.”

We created the Sales for Marketers program to combat these problems and help you sell yourself as well as you sell for your clients.

This program will enable you to craft a sales presentation that guides your prospects to your ideal solution and differentiates you from your competition.

We know you’re an expert. We will help your prospects see it too.

The Program:

Science of Advocacy Online Course

A 2-hour online course introducing you to the science behind our program

Value Journey Workshop

A comprehensive evaluation of your current sales and marketing efforts

3 months of bi-weekly virtual coaching

• Sales process mapping

• Insight research

• Sales presentation design

• Sales rep attribute documentation

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