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Join RightMind’s Science of Advocacy Community and Learn the most effective strategies to propel your business growth.


You will learn to create a message that enables you to stand out from your competition.
We help you and your sales and marketing team to create, rehearse and deliver your unique.selling voice.
You learn how to implement the most effective strategies that will turn your buyers into advocates,  who will then help bring in more clients to your business.
We train you on how to leverage the principle of building trust and turn critics into advocates.
Access to training courses designed to qualify your sales and marketing teams to become effective communicators and representative of your company.
Share ideas and trade strategies with like-minded, conscious business owners who are growing with you. 
One-on-one coaching and training with Dominic Cummins.

about dominic

I had the fortune to spend over 15 years of my professional career leading sales teams globally.

I am passionate about helping people succeed and become better at what they do.

Over the last year, I decided to take this passion and blend it with my previously part-time entrepreneurial spirit and pursue my own business on a full-time basis.

I founded RightMind, Inc. to provide a vehicle to bring Fortune 500 Corporate experience and knowledge and tailor this for the heartbeat of the US Economy, the small to medium-sized business owner.

My purpose in life is to help great people become great salespeople and leaders and to help business owners realize the dreams that launched their companies in the first place. It is the primary driver for me every day to leave a legacy of people who have experienced success while working with me. Success isn’t always about making more money. I believe you measure your success by having a healthier work/life balance, actually enjoying your job or just finding it a little easier to succeed each day.

I am fanatical about the creation of sales processes and how this can positively impact businesses. I also am passionate about making sure that we make a connection with the people with whom we do business. They should understand why we do care and that we aren’t just looking for the next sale.

I can provide direction and help with your sales people, processes, and philosophy.



Dominic Cummins

International Speaker | Advocacy Expert | Business Growth Specialist


Dominic Cummins is a powerhouse of knowledge and one of the best you will ever meet. His training is fantastic and engaging. Go Dom!

Save Steve Stookey COO, CypherWorx, Inc

Hiring Dominic Cummins to speak is a no brainer

Marcus Murphy Director of Monetization, DigitalMarketer

RightMind is a great company to work with. Please contact Dominic Cummins, a tremendous business leader with many years of experience.

Barac Abastta VP, Jacobs Engineering

I was blown away by the consultation I received from Dominic of Right Mind. His candor, ability to cut directly to the heart of an issue, and his ability to simplify difficult concepts were far above anything I’ve seen from other consultants. I highly recommend him.

Kasim Aslam CEO, Solution 8

We use the RightHire Process and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Added 3 key players to our sales staff over the last 6 months, all exceeding expectations.

Brian Haney Director of Sales, PAYDAY


I spent an hour yesterday with Dominic Cummins to follow up on the insights he provided at the last DM Partner Training. Not only did I find the wisdom that he shared fascinating but sooo applicable right away. Within 24 hours I was applying it and as I shared with Dom…I can think of 100 other areas that we could apply his teachings

Jim Traister
CEO/Founder, HospitalityFan