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Speaking Engagments

Speaking Engagements


We believe that your marketing and sales message is similar to a story communicated by talented actors.  This story must resonate with your audience and distinguish you from your competitors.  Articulating and unifying that narrative across all levels of leadership, marketing, and sales will not only excite your customers but also convert them into being loyal advocates.


At the age of 19 Dominic obtained his Series 7 brokerage license.  That step launched a successful career in banking and investments, and just a few years later he was managing a 65-million-dollar Citibank office.  Before he turned 30, he was directing large teams of sales people throughout Southern California for Paychex, a Fortune 500 company.  During the next 8 years at Paychex, Dominic had the opportunity to introduce sales process revisions and selling methodologies that are still in use today and helping to generate over 2 billion in revenue for that organization.

While at a software company in Irvine, California, Dominic helped build their sales organization from a small local team of 5 to 55 with offices in four countries.  This rapid growth led to a sale of the company for more than $100 million.  As a result these experiences and interactions with multi-billion dollar companies, Dominic realized that these companies have processes and strategies that didn’t exist in the lifeblood of the global economy—the small businesses. For these reasons, Dominic founded RightMind Inc, a business committed to helping companies achieve and surpass the goals with which they were founded.

Dominic founded RightMind Inc, a business committed to helping companies achieve and surpass the goals with which they were founded.


Sales & Marketing Topics

The Science of Advocacy

At RightMind, we understand that there is a method for growing your top-line revenue that is 81% more effective than any other strategy.  Using research from biologists and psychologists, our Science of Advocacy program helps you create an approach that is more than just a client referral plan, but rather it is a step by step system that starts when prospects first become aware that your brand and service exits.

Don't Skip Steps

The most successful sales people, in any industry, follow a proven sales process.  Therefore, the challenge can be creating a sales blueprint that is effective.  In our Don’t Skip Steps program, we teach the importance of following a process and how to go about creating the one that delivers great results.

Leadership Topics

Internal Advocacy

Learn about the science of creating and retaining a team of “raving fans” within your company.  As a business, and as leaders, we can become focused on the acquisition of new clients and forget that our foremost customers, our employees, are the real driving force of our business.


Studies show that most businesses list “hiring the right people” as one of their primary objectives each year.  Yet, most leaders have never received any formal training on how to hire great people.  Our program is an interactive step-by-step strategy designed to teach your leaders how to attract, qualify, and retain the most effective employees for your business.

Each of these speaking engagement topics can be delivered in a keynote or fully interactive workshop format.

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